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In this case, applying the private_copies attribute to control the number of copies of these local arrays can reduce the area used while maintaining the throughput of the outer loop. In this case, the OpenCL runtime also enforces a global enqueue size of , and loop pipelining optimizations are enabled within the offline compiler. If multiple occurrences of this pragma affect the same scope of your code, the pragma with the narrowest scope takes precedence.

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In these cases, you may want to limit or restrict the amount of interleaving to reduce FPGA area utilization. To limit the number of interleaved invocations of an inner loop that can be executed simultaneously, annotate the inner loop with the max_interleaving pragma. The annotated loop must be contained inside another pipelined loop.

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#pragma max_interleaving 0 The compiler allows the pipeline to contain a number of simultaneous invocations of the inner loop equal to the loop initiation interval of the inner loop. For example, an inner loop with an II of 2 can have iterations from two invocations in the pipeline at a time. This behavior is the default behavior for the compiler if you do not specify the max_interleaving pragma. In some cases, you may decide that the performance benefit from interleaving is not equal to the area cost associated with enabling interleaving.

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This attribute requests the compiler to form stall-enabled clusters if possible. In several scenarios, the clusters are stall-free clusters. A stall-free cluster executes the operations without any stalls and contains a FIFO at the end of the cluster that holds the results if the cluster is stalled.

  • NS-3 is a complex tool that runs simulations described by code created by users, so you may need programming skills to use it.
  • NS-3 is a discrete-event open-source network simulator for Internet systems, used primarily for research and educational use.
  • EVE-NG is a network emulator that supports virtualized commercial router images and open-source routers.

This FIFO adds area and latency to the kernel, but might allow a higher fMAX and increased throughput. These copies are enough to support concurrency of 16 on the outer loop. However, because the live ranges of these local arrays do not span the entire outer loop, all 16 copies are not required to maximize throughput of the outer loop. This means that the amount of area consumed by making these copies is higher than necessary.