Top institute, knowledge, related skill set and reference all matters in getting job in these companies. Starting salary: Starting salary generally range from 20 thousand rupees per month to 40 thousand  per month. You may prefer IIT for more brand value. How Much Does a Pharmaceutical Salesman Make? formulations or delivery systems. Scope Of M.pharm in rest of careers like marketing, Government jobs opportunities, starting own company , medical store etc are similar to b.pharma. For government pharmacists exam you stand at same level as B. Pharm and can apply for it. Bigger companies provide more than 20 thousand per month. You can go for some correspondence courses (pharmaceutical management, digital marketing, finance, regulatory affairs etc.). M.Pharmacy is a two years Masters course done after B. Pharm.  First we will see scope of Master of Pharmacy according to subjects, then according to areas of work. in three specializations i.e Biotechnology, Natural Products and Pharmaceutics. Management from good institute is also a very good option. An infusion therapy pharmacist earns a median salary of $122,648 per year.Infusion therapy involves medicine that is administered intravenously or through muscular or epidural means. Scope after M. Pharm Pharmacology subject has good scope in all working fields. Undergraduate applicants must be a high school graduate or have completed GED and completed some college. Although there are good job options available after pursuing B.Pharm, students can find better opportunities after pursuing a masters course i.e. It may range between INR 2,00,000 - INR 5,00,000 per annum. However  these courses should be done only from some reputed institutes like NIPER. If research and analysis is not your cup of tea and operations interests you then go for pharmaceutics. M.S. Pharmacology Command highest of salary., 30 May 2020 published. Connect with And I will looking for that which have Opportunity towords both Academics as well as Industry also. Salary in Production after M. Pharm:  Small companies gives only 12000 to 15000 starting salary. Good scope of medicinal chemistry exist in research, pharmacovigilance, quality control/ analysis fields.  Good demand in teaching. In regulatory affairs you are involved in preparing dossiers for exporting drugs into foreign countries. Salaries after M.Pharm in Private Institutions Individuals can get work as medical representatives or with research institutes. All of their work is carefully documented in research and scientific papers. Where Ms degrees are only valid like USA. They use complex lab equipment in their research projects and mix ingredients, solutions and compounds to test. A diploma in quality control after m.pharma or m.pharma in pharmaceutical analysis provides edge to get placement and increase scope. Out of the pharmacy colleges listed below, 44% of the them offer an average salary between Rs. Microbiologists may study bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and more to learn how they interact with and affect their environments, including humans. Pharma manufacturing Industry provide lower salary in small company but in future you can get into bigger companies. Starting Salary range is 15 to  50 thousand per month. Thanks and Regards, G. Suresh Kumar Future career progression is not bright in private colleges. How Much Does a CEO of a Pharmaceutical Company Make? The basis or starting salary for M.Phar. (Pharm.) Job Location is generally in and around metro cities of Delhi NCR ,  Bangalore, Hyderabad and  Mumbai. Some firms also pay Rs. Scope of M.pharm in teaching is good only in government sector universities, that too after PhD.

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