Which book should we buy? City. We often use a when we mention something for the first time, and then change to the when it is clear which thing we are talking about: He was talking to a man. It would be possible to say ‘a university’, but that would have more of an implication that you would accept any university that would have you! Everest. Thank you so much! All sentences must start with a capital letter. This is my first task. It depends if you’ve mentioned the song before or if you know which specific song it is. What is the rule for plural forms? Thank you for sharing that. Which is correct: sing a song or sing the song? I hate planning (1) ____ vacations. We even took (38) a day trip to (39) the coast (40) a few hours away for (41) a day of sun, sand, and surf. This has been start with a consonant sound (a horse, a carrot) and an in front of words with a vowel sound (an apple, an elephant). Can native speakers understand you without them? Therefore, if the first letter is “u”, read as “you”, we use”an” article… “This is a useful article”, Please guide me how to speak english fluently……, On the other hand, the school environment also offers advantages for children. I’m in love with your classification attitude in explanation an issue. If there’s only one manager, it’s ‘the’. After you read, you’ll have an opportunity to practice. But last (31) year we did do something a little fun, a little different: we had (32) a staycation. Maybe another reader has more information? I’m not sure why you can omit the article in this case, when you couldn’t say ‘because he is teacher’. So you can say: ‘He owns a horse’ but then ‘The horse he owns is black.’ I’ve tried to explain this in the post – maybe try reading it again? Shot on Go Pro Hero 7. DO store condoms in a cool, dry place. While your index finger is resting on the top, your thumb juxtaposes it … Thank you for such a great lesson! Is. In a recent study we conducted to analyze our clients’ writing mistakes, we discovered that our clients frequently misused determiners like articles (a, an, and the). ‘I hope I can get into college next year.’ Please explain how, That could be a correct sentence, but I would need to know the full context. I am up and running again.. mummy noun I want to buy an orange umbrella. 1. correct the error in sentence and rewrite the sentence What I need to figure out is what to pack for (18) ____ cruise. We also use the when it is obvious which thing we are talking about or when there is only one of something: If you stick to the rules above, you will be correct in almost all cases. My ques is, which article comes before ‘One rupee coin’ , ‘university’ , ‘M.A Degree’ , ‘Urdu Dictonary’ , ‘horse’ But I’m originally from Ukraine, and I often hear people using “the” with it… is it correct? It is demonstrated again in your text: the modeling of of …, hello Liz Walter…… kindly expound to me on the uses of articles… The speakers is still talking about the staycation in his/her city, so the museums are the specific museums in that city (not just any museum anywhere). DO use water-based or silicone-based lubricant to prevent breakage. DO put on a condom before having sex. it will be used as a tagline of a city branding. I have a question regarding more difficult examples (from scientific literature) where abstract terms are frequently used. Good luck. You’re right that they are both correct. sorry for being too late. And there are  (6) ____ activities, (7) _____ beach, pools, and dancing. We don’t know how much or any specific kind of food. They help us understand specific vs. general information. You say: The number one rule is this: if a word is countable (e.g. No article. We don’t use a or an with plurals. Advice is an uncountable noun in English. Change ). Use a before words, abbreviations, acronyms, or letters that begin with a consonant sound, regardless of their spelling. Sachin Bedi, I’m afraid your comment isn’t correct. Sandwiches are general, not one specific kind of sandwich. In writing the phrase and/or, for example in a sentence as: I need to purchase a new item and/or return this one. an administration course, ‘an’ because ‘administration’ starts with a vowel sound. It is important to use a text that is familiar to or easy for you because I want you to focus on the articles (how we use them and why), not on the meaning of the text. And yes, you can say ‘a lunch/dinner/breakfast of’. ——————- Learn more. In order to understand the articles usage, I have read the article in The Journal of Navigation (2014, 67, 311-326). However, I’m not sure you’ve written them down correctly – for the first one, there is an error in the question, but no error in the sentence. And yes, you’re correct to use: What I like the most was the reading …” And congratulations on doing such a great job with the answers! Have a great week and thanks for joining me, ~ Annemarie. I hope to go to college. Home. For the first three days we planned to visit Florida Keys so as soon as we got the car we hit the road to Summerland Key, our first stop. The word is very specific and defined: the vacations my family took, not just any vacation. The words “to,” “too,” and “two” are homophones, which are words that sound the same but have different meanings. ), With things that are unique (there is only one)*, The biggest, the best, the fastest, the ugliest, Groups of Islands or Countries with Plural, Talk about things in general (all things everywhere), I love watching whales! We hadn’t enjoyed everything (34) the city has to offer for ages so we decided to have our vacation at (35) home. A little sad. My question is on when to use “on” and “at”. or, What do you mean by the Continental System? Or “names” is not plural form? What you did here, I mean explaining every article is so useful and helpful and awesome! But we do not use an article (ø) for specific mountains: Mt. In this sentence it is also specific: my parent’s kids (not just any kids from any family). as it was said not to use articles for uncountable words or things like you said advice there are lot’s of advice’s right. or, What do you mean by ‘Continental System’? As (5) a child, I remember trying to build (6) a fire from scratch by rubbing two sticks together. Saying, “I want a apple” sounds odd, compared to, “I want an apple.” Plzz help me and thankyou in advance . ): U can use “an” where the word starts with A,E,I,O, & U remember these five consonant. : That is the best advice I’ve ever gotten. e.g, when someone calls to speak to your colleague and you want to say the person has gone for lunch, do you say: In British English, we say that someone is ‘at lunch’ or ‘on their lunch break’. HELLO. Note: There are some exceptions to this rule. – “Books can consist only of drawings, engravings, or photographs, or such things as crossword puzzles or cut-out dolls.” (of a…. Just two small changes: – When we use “to spend” for time, we the time phrase after the verbs so in the first sentence we would say, “I spent the last three days in …” the sun. You have (5) _____ breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is a text from last week’s Travel Stories lesson. But you shouldn’t use a semicolon and a conjunction. use “A” before words that begin with consonant sounds and “An” before words that begin with vowel sounds. Especially with your use of a/an/the. You are correct. this is very useful .. Forgive me. But I do have such good (10) memories of camping and hiking with my family. How to use a semicolon. Forgive me. How to use Twitter hashtags Optimal number of hashtags to use: 1-2. Coast. 7 Phrasal Verbs and Multiple Uses of 'Run' in English, Present Perfect in English (Use It Correctly Every Time), Use a 30-Day Challenge to Develop a Successful English Routine. It’s useful to learn that phrase ‘the following’ because we always use those two words together – it can never be ‘a following’ because that wouldn’t make sense. For specifics on what type of mask to wear and when, see our Q&A and watch our videos. Especially with your use of a/an/the. The number one rule is this: if a word is countable (e.g. Just click on my name in the right hand column and you will find lots more posts like this. I have learnt alot from here. My brother rented a car so it would have been much easier to go around the state. I wish I can speak English just like you, please I need advice, how do I learn how to speak good English? It is new information. Sorry, I can see why that was confusing! Spot. Hi, Hope it’s not too much. but what about (she has old watch). I can see why it seems like vacation is defined by “all-inclusive.” When we have a plural noun (vacations) and an adjective, it could mean all within that group and when it means all of them then we don’t use an article. Plus (16) _____ ship has (17) ____ ton of amenities with its many pools, fitness centers, and restaurants. about that. It’s simply that we don’t use articles after wh- questions. Museums. 4 has no article because it is plural. Find out exactly what those are and how to use this form accurately. But thank you for this comprehensive article. Hairstylists and a dermatologist explain how to correctly use and apply dry shampoo, plus share tips on how to choose the right dry shampoo for your hair type. Time is referring to time in general, not a specific time of year or day. The other four fingers wrap around the handle. so my question is which article should be used with “two books”. Thnx fr d info. It helps when you know why! The apples were juicy. In the following sentence, I’m trying to identify the cases of noun. Thus the finding of MAPT mutations in an A, a B, a C, a D, an E, an F, a G…an L, an N, and so on. Thanks to Library Lady Jane for all her help in writing these grammar guides over the years. Thank you for the post. The word “our” is before it so we do not need an article (see number 7). Thank you, mam. In a sentence like ‘It was a great pleasure to meet her’, it is countable – you are referring to the single event of that meeting. No. Is it necessary to use article “a” thrice, or maybe, it is enough to use “a” before the first noon? I hope guys won’t read these comments first! )You also must use capital letters for proper names, titles, geographical areas, and institutions. Some uses of pleasure are in fact countable. While tangle-only disease (5) is not really specified (there are multiple) but here it did not get A. I will be very grateful if someone helps me to solve this puzzle. (All whales everywhere, not just one specific whale. The only time that you would use ‘the’ is with a superlative; i.e. 1-an MBA degree holder or a MBA degree holder (Lewis et al. I put a few numbers in brackets, which indicate points of my doubts. he is the best boy in class. Liz send me more lessons. Good question! one book, two books), you must always use an article (or my, his, etc. I am an English teacher and I´m learning new information very interesting. : Her face showed a terrible sadness./They displayed an ugly racism. (you can check on the Cambridge online dictionary). Evening. ADVISE is a verb. How to Use "Too" and "To" Correctly. I’ve also done the same practice task as Maria, but I didn’t share it because she had already done that))). DO make sure there are no tears or defects. Like adjectives, articles modify nouns. Good question! Thank you so much, The article was useful. They help us understand specific vs. general information. 1. correct the error in sentence and rewrite the sentence I loved listening to (26) the sound of (27) the river at (28) night! There is no doubt: articles are confusing! (5) tangle-only disease is completely consistent with the amyloid (Second mention – now it is clear which shoes: the shoes you bought yesterday.). I don’t think there is any difference. we all really appriciate that, Pingback: 英語のtheってどういう時につけてどういう時につけないの????? - 寝耳に速報 ニュー速VIPまとめ, First in the article: a stick: Note that we use a in front of words that start with a consonant sound (a horse, a carrot) and an in front of words with a vowel sound (an apple, an elephant). Yes, as I say in the post, Americans usually say ‘the hospital’ where Brits just say hospital. the = definite article. a great way of explaining. Love is more important than money. like that…. Thank you very much lizy for this blog please my question is :the use of at and in like can one say , I live at Lagos or I live in Lagos also when talking about street is it I live in GRA or I live at GRA thanks, Hi Maryn. The first time you mention or refer to a noun, Example: I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday! Really ty for the lesson but is it correct to use “the” with plural This is very useful❤ If yes, what are those words? For words with vowels at the beginning that sound like consonants, such as the “u” in unicorn, use “a” instead. Neither David nor I can take that much (29) time off of work. We can always use ‘the’ to refer to a specific thing that has been mentioned before. And we can assume it is one of many road trips (in this story, the person is talking about the memories of taking vacations as a child, not just one memory). Hence it would be “Give me a piece of advice”. There are 2 reasons why the third conditional is useful in English conversation. As explained above – it depends on whether or not you’ve already mentioned the city. Also, THE ocean? It makes me (30) a little sad that Sophie, our daughter, won’t have those same memories. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. “Articles are used to help us separate (or understand) new vs. old information. a little water Just click to open the number if you’re not sure why the article is used. ), hey Liz, which one is the right, “a friendly city” or “the friendly city”? in the sentence: “What language do you speak best?” We don’t put “a” before language. It was very intresting and useful for me. DO read the package and check the expiration date. Thank you, mam. “The number one rule is this: if a word is countable (e.g. Sense is one of a group of senses (a sense of adventure, a sense of place, a sense of purpose, a sense of smell, etc.). It’s important to remove the face mask correctly to ensure you don’t transfer any germs to your hands or face. It takes time and practice. You won't have a problem damaging the sensitive innards with neglected battery acid and the camera's light metering system will work correctly every time. Believe it or not, there are other rules for using “a” vs. “an” correctly. It is the first time the word is mentioned. reading activity with articles! Vacations. (that particular train was late). thx for this lesson ,,, (First mention). A fish. If you are talking about one temple and only one exists, ‘the’. So: Tom’s going to sing a song. And one thing more, Should I write “in the beginning or in beginning.”. It is a lot of information. In this case, why (in the media) is used, Why not (in media). We don’t use the article when making general statements about plural or uncountable nouns. the general concept of the school environment. Hi Wynn, I’m afraid we can only respond to comments that directly relate to the blog posts. Here I wanted to add something new, if MACD and EMA cross over is not clear about the trend then change to higher time frame and find direction of price movement. Use "like" as a preposition to point out ideas of comparison or similarity. My fiancé and I are talking about (12) _____ all-inclusive cruise for our honeymoon. ‘the’ would also be correct here, but they have used ‘a’ to indicate that it is not a specific mummy but a word denoting any mummy, compare these two sentences: And remember – the more you… Read more ». Please help to explain following question: What is difference between “a” and “one” in these example: Could you help me with a question? To cut into items on your plate, pick up and hold your knife in your right hand. While I am from an English school. I loved (2) the vacations my family took every summer. When a possessive pronoun (my, your, his/her/its, our, their) or demonstrative pronoun (this, that, these, those) is used before the noun, we do not use an article. For this activity, I am using a text from last week’s lesson on Travel Stories although I’ve made a few changes. Yes, this is correct. Have a look at the entry for ‘of’ in the dictionary on this site. Thank you for your lessons. Thanks for the help. She gave him a present. We use the before the names of shops or places where we go for services when they are the ones we usually go to: hi, I just wondering can any help me with my question, is give me an advice is correct or give me advice. This time I’d like you to write your own paragraph. I can see you thought carefully about each one. Hello Hi Smiley: ‘One’ is a number. water, advice): Note that we use a in front of words that start with a consonant sound (a horse, a carrot) and an in front of words with a vowel sound (an apple, an elephant). Fill in the blanks with a, an or the.Please tell fast. Please comment. What do you intend it to mean? With something already mentioned (see example for the first mention with a/an above), I took a walk in the forest. for example ” give me a/an stick”.please explain. It claims: Memories. Use the before superlative degree Dear liz You'll also get my Confident English lessons delivered by email every Wednesday and occasional information about available courses. So we can… Read more », Hi Annemarie! Hey liz will u be able to take lessons online using skype ?? I have such an amazing memory of the vacation I took last summer! I want to talk on english. However, “in the hospital” means one just go to a hospital, i mean maybe just go to that place. Never ‘have’ because that’s for plural nouns. No article – plural 7. Hi, can you please help me with this sentence. Food. Hi Liz, but we say “a subsequent”, don´t we? Pls help to explain this situation. 7 Phrasal Verbs and Multiple Uses of 'Run' in EnglishPresent Perfect in English (Use It Correctly Every Time)Use a 30-Day Challenge to Develop a Successful English Routine. did you write any books? Thank you very much for this post. Write your paragraph in the comments section. I prefer the village to a town That sentence, “I prefer all-inclusive vacations …” is a tricky one. A few times 12. So, how can you learn to use articles correctly? Thanks .. We are referring to one single hour. Here “a little” means a small amount. They use the methods to make a horse perform correctly without the use of force or cruelty and are developing a growing reputation as horse whisperers. Thank you so much, Maria. ), Uncountable nouns (unless referring to a specific example). And they help us understand if you are talking about many vs. all vs. one. i want know when i can use this words (really, very, completely, absolutely, and consequently). 2 a body of a human or an animal that has been mummified It’s because we think of all the newspapers, TV stations, magazines etc as one group, so there’s only one of them in the world. The legalization of weed has made recreational use more popular than ever, and with the rise in popularity comes a rise in newcomers as well. She wants the answer to all her questions or she wants an answer to all her questions. It can be hard to know when to use "which" and when to use "that" in a sentence, even if you are a native English speaker. We don’t have to explain the sun, so we always use the sun (not a sun). Which one is correct? I have a question about using an article in front of a country name. examples worked a lot to clear few confusions !!! Possessive used (our) so no article. We have a plan. :The number one rule is this: if a word is countable (e.g. At first I thought it was some sort of American slang, but it’s used extensively in age-old English carols, so my first guess was obviously wrong. To properly designate the intention of "and/or" it would be written: I need to purchase a new item/return this one. We can assume there is only one coast nearby. Thank you very much for your explanation.. I’m not confused at all, Please guide me which one is correct: It really isn’t easy. Fire. ameliorate Alzheimer symptoms.”. Dear as you said in th above rules that we uses” the” when we going usually to place or shop. I hope that helps. ( Log Out /  Child shows membership to a group (similar to an adult, a teacher, a doctor, etc.). I brought my particular attention to the situations when a noon is concretized with prepositions ‘of’ and ‘for’. It is also new information to you. books, trees) …”, A few paragraphs later: take this e.g ( we were ………… upset yesterday. My mom would pack all (20) the usual stuff: trail mix, fruit, marshmallows to roast over (21) the fire, stuff to make (22) sandwiches, etc. The sound is defined – it is the sound of the river, not just any possible sound. he is the best boy in class. I imagine that they expect your student to write ‘a’ or ‘an’ in all cases except where the answer is always ‘the’, e.g. The most feared punctuation on earth. It this sentence it is specific: my family’s dog (not just any dog). Have an agreeable day! Like number 18, it is usually general but in this sentence it is “the usual stuff.” This tells us something more specific. When should I use “The” before a plural noun? Like earth, president, sunrise, moon, there is only one possible meaning so we use “the.”. Hold your mouth away from the inhaler device and exhale slowly and completely (to the end of a normal breath). Hope it’s not too much. I went with my family in Florida for a whole week. books, trees) or uncountable (e.g. really appreciate your help. 5. No article. Summer. Sound. Regards So I should have said that we ‘don’t usually’ use an article before meals. Why isn’t it explained as ‘the body of a human ‘? The English speaker has somehow acquired the "knowledge" that small towns have a single main street, and that therefore when speaking of that street, the the of natural property is used. This is the first mention of budget and it is not a specific or defined budget. I will not provide ALL the rules and exceptions of articles here. i really recommend this, very useful. Biscuits are delicious. Examples: So you would only say ‘one cat’ if the number of cats was important. Time. hi i does 9an5 make sense? correctly adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." It is not clear or defined. (Or none of them xD), Android Games: it’s; I love all kinds of dogs, You can say I want your advice, Give me some advice, I don’t need any advice or thanks for the advice. And then I want to help you learn articles in a different way. Thank you. Yes, you can use ‘the’ to talk about a group of things in general, e.g The cow is a farm animal. But as I never paid attention during my school days, It made me weak in English grammar. Expressions that quantify something often use “a.” For example: a little of, a lot of, a bit of, a ton of, etc. (that specific song, which has already been mentioned). Just wondering…, “Never” use an article with the names of meals: Family has “my” in front of it. There we had lunch in a cool place near by the beach. Is it a uniform or an uniform? !!! Because “staycation” means to stay home in your own city for a vacation, we assume the reader/listener knows which city. After he takes a shower he has breakfast. Dear Liz, To be frank got bit confused whether plan is countable or uncountable . ‘an old’ because ‘old’ starts with a vowel sound, i think “she has an old watch” becouse “old” started with a vowel sound (O). We don’t know which fire or when. I realized while writing it that if I didn’t tell you it was incorrect, Liz might stab me in the eye with her red pen. Please, see examples (6) and (7). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ab hypothesis is that (7) reducing Ab and plaques would Every noun has [C] or [U] after it, which tells you that information (although some nouns are marked [C, U] because they can be used both ways. should I say my television have a problem or my television had a problem. It can be confusing for students, letter writers and essayists. How to Use "That" and "Which" Correctly. Am I right that first stated rule was violated in the same text? English has two articles: the and a/an. Doesn’t there need to be a sentence to tell which? If you aren’t sure, use the dictionary on this site – nouns with [U] are uncountable and nouns with [C] are countable. I have the idea after reading posts online and wonder what is your take on this?? Please note that I created the title above as an intentionally incorrect use of ellipses. a or an? No article – plural, but I am not sure, coz there is also a specific kind of vacations -all-inclusive….? can someone help me please. For example: at home, at work, at church, to church, to jail, etc. by Liz Bureman | 102 comments. Joe here. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Does it just have difference between UK Eng. I’ve… Read more », Hi Tatyana – I’m SO glad it was useful. #195: Express Doubt and Uncertainty in English [11 Phrases & Idioms], Third Conditional in English + Example Sentences [Advanced Grammar], 10 Questions to Start a Conversation in English. For number 2, we could also use “those” if someone wanted to avoid using an article. I hop you got it. does that work? (Although now I just gave the answers away to everyone.) Place your teeth over the mouthpiece and seal your lips around it. Lift the nouns and the verb from the sentence. I read book. Use “an” with singular nouns that are countable and begin with a vowel sound. We use the to talk about a specific thing: We often use a when we mention something for the first time, and then change to the when it is clear which thing we are talking about: Thanks, so is it correct to say…sing the song ” Ten Little Fingers”. Very glad to hear that this post was not sent - check your email!... Before a plural noun? why have we used ‘ the ’ because that ’ s: my television a. Writing your own short example consonant sound, regardless of their spelling 15 ____... I had an ( =one ) apple at lunch can assume there is also a specific instance photo. This construction belong to ‘ speed ’, or nothing knows about the person/place/thing so use. Corrections for articles: mam, below is the second question article be... Busy person, object or place, I have a question about using an article or! Sing the song before or if you run out of numbered puffs or if know! Plurals, just not a/an an issue much or any specific kind of sandwich say without putting article. Hospital, I mean explaining every article is the reason why it hasn ’ t put “ a ” “. Hands first instance of it is countable ( e.g example in a different way trying... 27 ) the museums and went to ( 37 ) the river, not just any possible sound family. Watch which is correct – “ a unique program – because although ‘ unique ’ starts with a superlative i.e... The courage and confidence you need to be frank got bit confused whether is... Use hand sanitizer know which fire or when incorrect, when we don t. That you are talking about many vs. all vs. one. ” Kyiv “, not just any stuff the... Line from my post again: the next most important thing to understand is the difference a/an. '' and `` to '' and `` too '' and `` to '' correctly tricky one some specific concerning! From Ukraine, and I are talking about ( she has old watch she has a old watch she old. Week trip Liza how to use `` that '' and `` to ''.... Better with “ two books ), you must include the article is so for! Expiration date nouns ; a/an is used, why not ( in the afternoon prefer 3. A story ( 16 ) _____ beach, pools, fitness centers, and used... Are a swimming or times are a-changin ’ deciding to use parentheses is a great week and for. Very useful lesson time I ’ d like you, please I need to purchase a item., no to show no article is the reason why it hasn ’ it. Used, why not ( in the missing words with a/an/the/ø ( to the blog.. Moon, there are more than one ocean? your plate, pick up and that ’ s (... Never paid attention during my school days, it is clear which shoes: the next day, that a. You so much, that is only one possible meaning so we always use an article before them and! One ocean? because he is the first mention with a/an above ), you must use! Prefer all-inclusive vacations … ” is before it so we use “ a/an ” because he is best! My free training on how to use ‘ the body of a breath! ): ” some info speak best? ” we don ’ t fire an uncountable noun why... ) time off of work and we were on ( 13 ) ____ idea of island-hopping abdelhafid: no you. Us understand new vs. old information question regarding more difficult examples ( from scientific literature ) where terms. Hands or face it… is it correct train was late years, days and months don t. The idea after reading posts online and wonder what is generally accepted: 2 those sentences are fine if. Inhaler if you mean now, it depends if you do need to a! A ’ in this context, it ’ s dog ( not just any campfire anywhere ) the was as! Is plural ( e.g the words `` to '' and `` which correctly! Harry potter or it will be going to-zoo tomorrow lots more posts like this note that I do love 15! Are a-changin ’ Liz Walter, thank k you for making English so simple understand., check the expiration date or use hand sanitizer work and we can always use an article before?... Go to college like advice, how can you identify why you told the we don t... For the first mention of “ river ” so we always use an article ( or ). The book my dad gave me for my birthday my name in the media ) to or! Specific time of year or day hands first just mean that you are commenting your! Specific mountains: Mt next most important thing to understand is the best boy in class tangle formation not! Where you ’ ve already mentioned ( see example for the first two are correct ) hypothesis ( Hardy al... We ‘ don ’ t a specific example ) ) the sound the! A real sense of adventure that are countable and begin with a vowel, the is... Defined: the number one rule is this senense corectly: Thursday, Oct. 17 2019. Is clear to the listener or reader where this campfire is item and and or or this! `` like '' as a preposition to point out ideas of comparison or similarity ; a/an used. An intentionally incorrect use of ellipses those ” if someone wanted to avoid using article. About your day exceptions of articles visited ( 36 ) the sunset how to use a and the correctly! Tested on a, an overwhelming 62 % of grammar mistakes found in writing! Specific vs. general information would not be wrong to use articles correctly it claims: “ what language you. A car so it ’ s changed my view about articles were correct with one!. Worked a lot side of the week, months or holidays I was just trying identify! ’ starts with a superlative ; i.e similar to an adult, a little tomorrow. ‘ countable ’ ‘ have ’ because we ’ re wearing it, wash hands! Question is on when to use articles before adjectives describing people for example in sentence! `` to '' and `` too '' and `` to '' and which. Paid attention during my school days, it ’ s Dictionaries media is! Should use the article is used to help us separate ( or my,,!, that is the sound is ‘ ju: - ‘ a in. Difference between a/an and the modeling of tangle-associated cell death in transgenic mice ( et! Know the answer remember – the more you… read more », hi Tatyana – I ’ glad. Or place, I ’ ve already mentioned ( see the sentence before the! An Egyptian mummy Oxford learner ’ s quite a clear and useful explanation might be for. You want to go to any university me ” and one thing more, should I say in way. Explain it or define it a/an above ), you must always use article! The campfire at our campsite ( not just any stuff but the or. Few confusions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took a walk in the same when we use “ the. ” view about.. “ because he is the first mention with a/an above ), you must include the is... Sticks together little R & R understanding when to use them second task – story! Text you ’ ll find hashtags on Twitter: you can say ‘ one cat ’ if number... I love adding milk ( uncountable ) to my coffee ( uncountable + possessive.... Into items on your plate, pick up and that ’ s for nouns... Your lips around it because both the subject is a tricky one face mask while you ll... Likely ‘ the ’ in the words `` to '' correctly “ at ” plural! The hospital ” how to get more knowledge from you ( ø for! To take lessons online using skype?????????????... Post from 2015 might be helpful for me to get better understanding about.... “ two books ” sentence it is being tested on a, an, author! Stuff we take on vacation would have been much easier to go around the world knows about cases. A body of a human ‘ know why the article when making general statements about or... Know why disease is completely consistent with the true facts or with what is your take on?... For ’ articles: mam, below is the number of hashtags to use Twitter hashtags Optimal of... ) 3 s only one, ~ Annemarie this a lot to clear few confusions!!, fun conversations in English is effective conversation starters ve never been on ( 44 the! A little sad that Sophie, our daughter, won ’ t have those same memories omission... Easier to go to any university formation, not one specific kind of sandwich of river. And awesome 36 ) the vacations my family in Florida for a whole.. Never succeeded and my father had to start ( 9 ) the vacations my family in for! Out ideas of comparison or similarity to “ orange umbrella or the orange umbrella or the orange or. Has been mentioned ) situation like this I don ’ t use the it!

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