While the guy answerable for this bullshit, Youssef Okasheh, admits he’s just looking for his 15 minutes of fame, those candy, candy pageviews are enough to force us to put in writing about them. Though, I’ll be honest, the considered a theme get together fully crammed with dudes and a bowl of these gleeden review novelty condoms makes me chortle. Just bear in mind, the only Four-Pins permitted condom is no condom. The internet’s favourite euphemism for participating in sexual exercise following using a preferred subscription video streaming service has – hold on lemme take a breath – finally gained legitimacy through a line of merch.

The movie tells the story of a younger girls named Adele who falls in love with one other younger women. It’s a posh and at times thought-frightening plot, that has some overarching questions and concerns. However, the love scenes are what has obtained it onto this list, as there are a few of the most pornographic within the film world. This film has had plenty of press, thanks in large part to its explicit and visible intercourse scenes.

The Trojan Canada & Chill movie is part of the brand’s Sexplore at Home marketing campaign that encourages Canadians to “stay sexually energetic only with people in their bubble, who they know are in good health.” Do not Netflix and chill with a man who would purchase or use Netflix and chill condoms. The streaming firm didn’t create the condom however an UT alumnus Yousef Okasheh began an internet firm which sells units of three FDA-permitted condoms packaged wrappers “Netflix and chill” written on it. We’ve already figured out that “Netflix and chill” is a euphemism for ‘younger folks’ to use for a romantic night in, however in case you weren’t certain, there are now condoms with the catch phrase on them.

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“FDA permitted for pregnancy and disease prevention.” Handy, considering that’s just about the principle level of a condom. Netflix and chill is reaching new levels of insanity, because Netflix and chill condoms have now been unleashed on the world. The Los Angeles LGBT Center is the biggest LGBT middle in the world. They present health, social, and educational providers to over 42,000 individuals every month.

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  • Perfect for a birthday, school dorm room, bachelor/bachelorette party or health clinic giveaway, Funny Condoms™ are sensible and hilarious.
  • If we’re summoning up the vitality to cease watching TV, move and do a sex, we’ve got the power to get up and attain for some Durex.
  • We goal to be the first place you think of to get a present for anyone that would use amusing.
  • At Funny Condoms™, our aim is to marry popular culture and intercourse by designing condoms that poke enjoyable at today’s trends and different topical points.

So … introducing … the “Netflix and Chill Condom,” a revolutionary new product … no, actually, it’s just a condom with the Netflix logo on it. There are currently three kinds of Netflicks and chill condoms on the market, so you can be under no phantasm that you’re ACTUALLY going to be watching Netflix and chilling. FINALLY. NETFLIX AND chill condoms have arrived so you’ll be able to stay secure if you’re Netflix and chilling.

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But little doubt extra will get made very soon, shortly earlier than Netflix ask them to please take away their logo from this unauthorised attractive-time merch. Pretty sure if Netflix wanted to enter contraceptives they’d have carried out it by now.


Don’T Netflix And Chill With Anybody Who Buys Netflix And Chill Condoms

Planned Parenthood South Texas partnered with Say It With A Condom to successfully unfold awareness of the providers their middle supplies. “I need to distribute condoms at no matter occasion we’re at and I want people to know they got here from Planned Parenthood.” Read the complete story.


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There are two types of condoms which could be efficient in decreasing STI/HIV transmission; female and male condoms. Reliable and unique, they comply with the CE standard, like all other condoms offered on Condomz and can be used to protect themselves throughout sexual activity. You might initially recoil in shock and then immediately go “Oh, this can be a joke as a result of the Internet is not a critical place and somebody is taking the piss out of us with a gag.” NOPE. This shit is real and orders for the condoms, which come in a three-pack ship, out every Friday morning, just in time for weekend periods of the prophylactic’s namesake. Apparently, it is the work of a couple of kids from the University of Texas-Austin, house of the Longhorns or the longtime attractive children, a shitty pun nickname I just got here up with 5 seconds ago.