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To give a chance to the GBA owners to experience their childhood once again, developers have come forward with their GBA Emulators. GBA classic titles are available in the form of ROMs.

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These ROMs are basically the setup files of the games that the GBA Emulators can read. You can find a handful of GBA ROM sources and download your desired games. We have picked up the 5 best GBA emulators for Windows users and listed them below. BatGBA is an easy to use, light and free GBA emulator.

BatGBA is one of the oldest GBA emulators, but it still performs as good as it did back then. The emulation of games is pretty great with no lags or frame drops. So, you can have fun playing the classic games on your computer with the quality of the console.

We offer fast servers so you can Download GBA ROMs and start playing console games on an emulator easily. We have many emulators you can download for all the consoles, including Nintendo 64 Emulators, Gameboy Advance Emulators, SEGA Emulators, PlayStation Emulators, Atari Emulators and more! Every Pokemon game released for Nintendo DS, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color and GameBoy is here! We have a curated list of all the retro GBA games for you to play online or download to play within an emulator on your computer. The successor of the all time classic that shortly became a hit just like it’s "father".

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No$GBA is another great name on our list of 5 Best GBA Emulators. The best part about using No$GBA is that it supports multiplayer gaming as it can connect with other No$GBA emulators. This is done by mimicking the GBA link connectivity, so you can connect with other gamers via two ways- 1) Internet or,2) Local network.

This is considered as among the best GBA emulators. Boycott Advance is quite simple and needs BIOS support to enjoy GBA roms on your PC. It also supports full sound emulation providing a great experience while playing favorite GBA titles. Its Save/Load state allows you to save and also load games at any state you wish to play and never lose the progress in any game.

This is especially very useful for trading pokemon and fighting with other trainers in the GBA pokemon games. This emulator remains to be a simple GBA emulator with great ease of use which is present in the market.

It gained a spot on our list of 5 Best GBA Emulators mainly because of its simplicity. It supports all the commercial and noncommercial GBA ROMs.