Depending on the version of Carbide Motion you are using, the instructions vary. Z-limit(D12) and spindle enable(D11) have switched to access the hardware PWM on D11. Homing fail occurs in two scenarios. How to setting the 'Homing' in LaserGRBL? Since you mentioned it works well when jogging at F200, your should be able to set the max feed rate to 200 to start and move up from there. Note that there are also feed rates for homing that are set by parameters $24-25. If the USB cable is connected correctly, the 5V indicator next to the RESET key will light up. If I send '?' GRBL is an in-built software or firmware used in Arduino. $5=1 (limit pins invert, bool) However this problem is not related to LaserGRBL itself, but to your hardware setup or grbl configuration. But should be ok also your config. First, here are the changes to the config.h in grbl. I tried to change the line #define HOMING_CYCLE_0 ((1<

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