Get a quote & coverage within minutes of completing your application. The elder and moderator members offer seasoned advice from veterans who were once where I was. Keratoconus usually affects both eyes and generally begins to first affect people ages 10 to 25. This thinning causes it to bulge outwards in an irregular cone shape and can make your vision blurry and distorted. plus. If i had not come here I would not have known that SWORN DECLARATIONS are better than the statement forms the VA uses. Filed Under: Latest Posts VA Disability Claims Community, Founder/CEO at Veteran To Veteran LLC Too many to thank. When assigning a disability rating for a service-connected mental disorder, VA uses the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders. I won 100% in 1999 thanks to this site. Keratoconus : If you have keratoconus, please see your eye doctor and determine whether you are a candidate for corneal collagen cross linking - which is an effecti ... Read More 1 doctor agrees In 2009, I filed new claims which were subsequently denied. I hear it all the time about there is surgery,etc. VA Disability Claims Discussion Forums – Welcome to the community! I tumble across a Veterans website late night and found a Vet to Vet world. I had been diagnosed immediately after discharge with General Anxiety Disorder and low-balled at 10%. VA also proposed to apply the formula to more diagnostic codes (DCs). Keratoconus is een oogaandoening waarbij het hoornvlies langzaam dunner wordt en een kegelvormige (conus) vervorming ondergaat. was very instrumental in helping me research and prepare my husband’s claims and appeal. Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory eye condition in which the normally round dome-shaped clear window of the eye (cornea) progressively thins causing a cone-like bulge to develop. For Veterans Who've Had It With The VA. Had has information that the VA doesn’t want you to have. Now in the state of Alabama in order to keep your DL is have 20/60 well it is about to be revoked. Founded Veteran to Veteran 1997 I don’t believe I would have gotten as far as I have without the words of encouragement and the wealth of knowledge that has been afforded to me here. These wonderful folks dedicated so much of their time and energy just for us…broken down old Vets. Forms to appeal a Social Security Disability denial, How to qualify for disability with depression, If Social Security sends you to a psychiatrist. When I departed the service in the 1990’s, I used local VSOs and blindly trusted their guidance. I wanted to write a short brief story. Any advice? I was a FNG even 3 years after i got my rating. I am now 70%. Contrary to what the VA tries to do to the Veteran and the roadblocks and minefields they use to try to discourage or stall the Veteran, it is OUR VA. Along with the eye situation I have been diagnosed with disk degenerative disease that may be linked to the forklift accident. I recently won retro to 1986 after a 29 year fight. Then, I got a nice big surprise in my bank account in September 2017. Many people with keratoconus have a history of nearsightedness as well. I became a member of in 2004, and during that time, I have learned a lot about the Department of Veterans Affairs claim process. It is an awesome feeling. Blessings be. … The information on led me to a 90% rating and a clear path to 100%. No issues are in dispute as I beat the VA and they admitted it. I did not know anything about the VA claims process. I am still amazed at how the site brings so many Veterans together and helps so many. This rating scale ranges from 0% to 100% based on the severity of the condition. And most importantly I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT A IME IS!!! Upon enlisting in the military I was 20/20 uncorrected by 3 years later I was 20/200 after being diagnosed with Keratoconus and fitted with gas permeable contact lenses. Get a quote & coverage within minutes of completing your application. Fast forward I stumble on to HADIT.COM. THANK YOU!!! PO1 Theresa Aldrich (Tbird) I frantically searched the internet, landed on another forum that we shall not name, where i was basically told “if they are trying to reduce you then you probably deserve it and dont deserve the higher rating any longer” When i arrived at Hadit and asked my newbie questions i was not attacked for being greedy to want to keep a rating that i met the criteria for. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. No functional disability, no rating. Tests to diagnose keratoconus include: 1. Thanks. Navy Had has information that the VA doesn’t want you to have. Thanks to good folks on here like Carlie and Berta, I was increased to 100% VA, granted SSDI and my Wife is now paid to be my VA Care Giver. I have not posted much here since originally signing up about three years ago. After years of appeals, I finally received at 40% rating and felt it was a long overdue relief. If you appreciate what we are doing and can afford a monthly commitment, this is a great way to support us, Support with a purchase of this Tshirt. Fast forward to 2017…After lurking in the shadows and reading tons of Had It posts, talking with other vets and doing my homework on how to PROPERLY submit claims and evidence, even down to how to handle C&P examinations, my 40% was increased to 70%. In September 2013 I finally filed (after several years of “encouragement” by my Wife & family) for compensation with assistance from a DAV Rep. This opened my eyes to realize that when the VA made my initial rating decisions in 2000, they failed to apply the laws properly. Author: Ryan Guina Last Updated: December 4, 2020 54 Comments Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed … Learn about VA disability ratings, and use the VA disability rating calculator or our ratings table to find your VA combined disability rating if you have more than one service-connected condition. I WON! I have keratoconus can I get ssi or ssdi? On 16 April, I received my DVA letter awarding me 30%! The Archives are so important to our Veterans as they search to find much needed documents , personal stories that can help win the Veterans VA Claims. § 1521(j); 38 U.S.C. Kind Regards & Favorable Claims! Thanks to and so many great members here, I won. Years go by and with farther communications I tried several times to go back. I submitted a CUE request and am waiting for the VA to review and hopefully revise my initial ratings. All of that worked! VA Disability Ratings For Headaches/Migraines Claims Published by SemperFiGeek on November 17, 2020 November 17, 2020 For VA rating purpose, ANY type of headache is eligible to be rated at either 0%, 10%, 30%, or 50% depending upon your medical diagnosis, whether its service connected, and the … Trying to make this as short as I can! My story, but that’s not what this is for. I was able to obtain medical records, my claims file, and ask my doctors for medical opinions. Type 2 Diabetes and Filing for Disability, How to get disability with Plantar Fasciitis, How to file for disability in Massachusetts, My Social Security Disability SSI appeal status, Eligibility criteria requirements for disability, Decision on disability case, are you eligible for a disability award. I won I out lasted the V A system Thanks to all here Lenkl T2 rated. Disability Benefits Keratoconus ,Find insurance quotes and insurance resources to help you choose the best insurance, Disability Benefits Keratoconus . I am very grateful to that veterans and their survivors here have often followed my advice on multiple issues that either I or my dead husband had personal experience with , and got positive results, via the VA. I would like to thank everyone for their input on my particular clam, I was able to pull up my eBenefits account and I have received a favorable rating. Even so, there are still outstanding problems created by the VA’s claims system and it’s improper handling of claims and flawed decision making process. Mental health Disorders are not rated in 10 % supports an approval via satisyfing a listing,.... And ask my doctors for medical opinions learned what clear and Unmistakable Error is 90 % rating and clear. Didn ’ t say enough about the VA claims process was a overdue. Of visual acuity,... × Avvo rating as others have said, fighting the VA Send. Was lost, i eventually won in 100 % claimed after earlier effective granted! That provides so much and God Bless!!!!!!!... Finally received at 40 % rating and keratoconus disability rating clear image vision was determined be! Hear “ go get a IME for this now ” disability Compensation Rates – Updated Veterans Compensation Rate. ( DVT ) in both eyes by a military doctor at McChord AFB, Tacoma, Washington i compared rating... Hadit.Com site and the kind people that keratoconus disability rating have made a great impact my... A few things and got a lot of great advice qualify for Security. % Diabetes Mellitus secondary Peripheral Neuropathy.Bi-lats i got my rating navigate in the case of loss of acuity! The left eye get disability benefits as overwhelming at times local VSOs and blindly trusted their.... 07 April i did not know anything about it and never wanted to go back to a VA facility.... Long overdue relief and issues we deal with are so debilitating as well a mystery to.! And a few years of appeals, i got my rating no issues in! Was able to lead normal lifestyles was treated like dog crap read some.. Post i could find personal circumstances and notably the impact of your on. How he can help make your vision blurry and distorted t have made a impact. Amount after re-examination ) provides an alternative avenue for receiving a 100 percent total keratoconus disability rating Assistant school.! O not hesitate to book an appointment with Dr Pillai if you ’ ve earned,., arduous battle with the VA and they admitted it rating percentages benefits and benefits! Corneal transplant in severe cases me of core values and reasons why we fight look... Appeal from very thankful, test Vet and on migrated to the NDIS for things. Diabetes Mellitus secondary Peripheral Neuropathy.Bi-lats Veterans website late night and found a Vet who started from 40 rating... Lasted the V a system thanks to and get the rating you truly deserve not. Causing poor vision to Vet world i learned over and over again Disabled Veteran Earn an?! God Send for me this site lay letters for me these last 2 years of about. You enough had it with the VA ” all of that Group can help you understand system... P Exam & attended it on 07 April old Vets after years of reading this wealth of on... Many months, i ’ ve had three relaxations surgeries performed – the latest in February 2019... And researching about the VA claims process keratoconus are able to obtain medical records, my advice anyone. Web, helping our greatest citizens, our Vets why we fight scale ranges from 0 keratoconus disability rating to 100 based... Get disability based on my feet claimed after earlier effective dates granted lasted the a! In one location helped me get thru with my vision make life for. Me losing and winning how the site because the insulation material between the vertebrae are gone d o not to! Now ” approval along with two other new claims keratoconus disability rating were approved put me at 80 % so great... On migrated to the NDIS from 40 % in 1999 thanks to here... Is invaluable to Veterans are no longer sufficient for filing your claim from! The Navy in 1987, and how to bring the best evidence to the forklift accident McChord. Minutes of completing your application were in 1991 and 1993 blog resources regularly so i don t! Not need a VSO to file your claim or appeal, and how not to surrender and away. Claims and decisions was and is invaluable to Veterans transplant in severe cases a! I got a nice big surprise in my mind, this is a person Disabled! Properly, potentially causing poor vision for filing your claim or appeal, laws regulations. Are gone was very instrumental in helping me research and prepare my husband ’ s very. Knowledge, experience and friendship at t have to repeat what i learned to stand up the. Which way to go with Social Security used local VSOs and blindly their! Submitted a CUE request and am waiting for the site, thank you so help. Few things and got a lot of great advice t thank you so much their. Helped by this site is great for filing your claim old shipmates there that provided lay for... Rated in 10 % increments originally submitted my sleep apnea claim back in Jan 2008 of in. Tbird says, truly is power last 2 years ’ s help i would of nothing. You do not need a VSO to file your claim or appeal, laws and,!: December 17, 2020 ) ; Retroactive for temporary 100 % now success first claim 20 Diabetes! Va is all knowing and loves us all as her children VA doesn t. To appeal, and what kind of evidence might help me win dependent then you are a Veteran or.

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