But yes, it is still tacky rubber, will never be defined as semi-tacky. Regarding backspin, its chopping ability is second to none. What I mean by ‘control’ here, is rubbers which are not too fast, not too slow, with a medium throw and are easy for most amateur players to play with. It is the best if you love slow-powerful spins play. DHS Gold ARC 8 Regarding its spin power, it offers you an incredibly great amount of topspin for both drive and loop, especially from mid to far distance. It’s also great for serving although the surface seems to look a bit dirty for some reason. For all around players, it is advisable to go for rubbers that range from 1.5mm to 1.7mm for these rubbers provide good control and medium speed on the ball. The extra soft sponge features effective speed for a powerful spin and positive block with the impressive feel and perfect sound. You can read more about the Sriver rubber by following this link. … Nittaku Fastarc G-1. In terms of control, Coppa X3 offers you very superb touch, feel, consistency and stability. In other words, it is not so sensitive to your opponent’s spin ball. V1 quad blade is a really hard and fast weapon, which saves me work to make more speed. However, I would love to use this rubber on a backhand side due to its comparatively low power but very high controllability and fancy speed. Manufacturers each use their own system to come up with their speed, spin, control, and stiffness ratings; therefore you can’t use the speed, spin, control, or stiffness ratings to compare items from different brands. Recommended Table Tennis Blades for Donic Acuda S3, Xiom Hayabushi, Xiom Alexo, Butterfly Sardius, Nittaku Tenor. I could do an aggressive block and backhand attack against common sidespin, backspin, and topspin. Ranking of Table Tennis Rubbers by Reviews and Rankings. It is highly recommended for intermediate to professional level players who come with a bit high budget. BS H3 is so easy to make a spinning loop, especially “modern topspin” loop that emphasizes forward power. Physically, Donic Coppa X3 is a lightweight rubber that comes with soft spongy offering you with a soft touch. Speed: 90 The Two kinds of Table Tennis Rubbers. A lot spinier as it is really good for looping, push shots, etc…. I've tried a lot of others, and have stayed with this one for 3 years. DHS TIN ARC 3 is a high-end offensive rubber from DHS. Similar to Barracuda, it is a very forgiving rubber that gives you an extra errors margin which means you can potentially return a fine shot even with imperfect strokes.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'tabletennisspot_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_19',118,'0','0'])); Due to its monstrous controllability, it is fantastic for both passive and active counter block. It is very good in term of performing the blocking stroke. Sigma II Europe uses the professional version of IMB enhancing the control of spin’s magnitude.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tabletennisspot_com-leader-2','ezslot_15',119,'0','0'])); Xiom Sigma II Euro is a superb offensive table tennis rubber. So you would need to work harder for returning serves. With the help of these rackets, players are able to control both the speed and spin of the tennis table ball. Extra spin and power is imparted to your table tennis game by the ITTF-approved Nitrx-4z rubbers Undoubtedly the best 5-ply table tennis racquets offered under the JET series Greater feel is offered by the slightly-soft blade of the five layers of durable wood used in the construction But BS H3 improves my game very much due to its super good control or feeling to a great extent. It is natural that pro players do not need more power or speed from the rubber as table tennis fans do, since they are very good to make a powerful shot with much common equipment, but they do need ones that ensure fine adjustment and clear response in high-speed game. Yes, you will get more spin with the thicker rubbers, but in my opinion the lack of control more than offsets this. rubbers by highest spin rating view users' ratings and reviews of table tennis. However, its shining area is on spin ability. DHS TIN ARC3 allows you to block the ball well for both forehand and backhand which is an ideal for counter-attack weapon. No booster or any other special treatments. I like to push, block, flick and sometimes topspin. If your opponent were to do a spinny sidespin serve, a controlled rubber would absorb some of this spin and prevent it from shooting off the side of the table. In theory, all table tennis rubbers have good control, depending on your playing level. If you are good at playing topspin, this rubber can just fit you as it can give you with easy high spin. They rank the Pro Carbon as their best in spin, with a perfect 100 out of 100 rating. Even though its price seems to be a bit high for Chinese rubber (around $30 – $40), but its phenomenal performance is worth your money. It has been widely used as an alternative option of Butterfly Tenergy 05 since Coppa X3 is a bit more cost effective (approx $USD 50). My playing style is a one-side Cpen loop/quick attack. Regarded as the big gun of the last century for table tennis, this rubber is very fast and has enough spin to bring the ball down on the table when power looping. I have to say this rubber is really what I am looking for, it is a tacky top sheet with a classic non-cake sponge but very dynamic in Hurricane family without the requirement of booster or gluing! I am Warren. How good is it? When testing, it is important to play a range of shots – pushes, blocks, topspins, drives and flicks. By having such affiliate fees are important for the site to sustain and make it possible for us to continue to work hard in improving the site from time to time. It is not vibrating or feels hollow like many German rubbers, but seems like a Chinese rubber with sweet tastes of Japanese rubber, I mean BS H3 39 degree is not as stiff as classic Chinese rubbers.

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